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May 22

HomegrownBGCT – Rap Battle – Matty Phrase vs ESZ – Hosted by ZitrotheGreat

May 22

HomegrownBGCT – Rap Battle – Tre mega vs Pablo picasso- Hosted by ZitrotheGreat

Apr 20

HomeGrownBGCT – Rap Battle – Strizzy Streetz vs Moonman – Hosted by G Higgz & ZitrotheGreat

Here it is SHARE COMMENT WATCH AND VOTE WHAT U THINK Welcome ‪#‎StrizzyStreetz‬ to Homegrown salute to both mcs and fans Happy 4/20 to everyone.. Bout to smoke this Holiday Kush and Enjoy this battle !! VOTE FOR WINNER SUBSCRIBE TO CHANNEL www.youtube.com/homegrownbgct

Dec 25

HomegrownBGCT – Rap Battle – Nes Diggz vs Combat – Hosted by ZitroTheGreat

Dec 20

HomegrownBGCT – Rap Battle – Blaqwood Craz vs Pharoah – Hosted by Big Kannon & ZitrotheGreat

Dec 12

HomeGrownBGCT – Rap Battle – Big Kannon vs Mass Messiah – Hosted By ZitrotheGreat & Jesse Rican

Nov 14

www.blogtalkradio.com host leonard-miller with homegrown battleground presents : The Civil War promo

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http://www.blogtalkradio.com/leonard-miller/2014/11/14/homegrown-battleground-presents-the-civil-war checkout promo we all did on the radio earlier very entertaning #homegrown Link to radio show >>>>>>>>>>>>> http://www.blogtalkradio.com/leonard-miller/2014/11/14/homegrown-battleground-presents-the-civil-war

Oct 10

HomegrownBGCT – Pharoah vs Wavey Wains – Hosted by Zitrothegreat

Sep 19

HomeGrownBGCT – Rap Battle – D Critical vs Streetz – Hosted by ZitrotheGreat & Flame

Aug 26

HomegrownBGCT – Rap Battle – Pharoah vs Tre Mega – Hosted by ZitrotheGreat & J Wilk

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