www.blogtalkradio.com host leonard-miller with homegrown battleground presents : The Civil War promo

67257_10201947368800912_1511552827211253513_n (1)http://www.blogtalkradio.com/leonard-miller/2014/11/14/homegrown-battleground-presents-the-civil-war checkout promo we all did on the radio earlier very entertaning #homegrown
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Aug 19

HomegrownBGCT – Lord Birdy vs Erik Lamb – Hosted by ZitrotheGreat

Aug 19

Flame Manimal Lecture Perforance

Aug 19

HomegrownBGCT – Rap Battle – Ness Diggz vs ESZ – Hosted by ZitrotheGreat

Jul 05

Real Deal vs Zitrothegreat – Battle Rap Arena and Homegrown Battleground

Jul 04

Real Deal vs ZitroTheGreat Drops July 4th on Homegrown Battleground

Jun 26

Summer Smackdown Real Deal vs ZitroTheGreat Drops July 4th


May 05

HomeGrownBGCT – Rap Battle – PH vs ZitroTheGreat – Hosted by Cortez & Poison Pen

Apr 24

HomegrownBGCT – Rap Battle – Blaqwood Craz vs Lord Birdy – Hosted by cortez & Zitrothegreat

Apr 20

HomeGrownBGCT – Lord K vs Cognito

Apr 12

HomegrownBGCT – Flame vs Tre mega


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